Thursday, July 29, 2010

nak puase dahh

lame x tulis blog..ehhehhehe...sebab blk keje asik lambat je...hmmmmmmmm..lg 2 minggu nak pose dah..xd persediaan pape pun lg..satu je harapan bulan puase nye..semoge blehh menjalan kan ibadah puase dgn sempurna.mlm lehh terawehh..jgn lahhh blik lambt2 sgt mcm slalu..amin...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

please teach me slowly

almost two weeks i am working at southern pipe industries located at butterworth penang. somehow, i dont know what i need to do, what is my job specification. is it really hard to start working?? is every one feel the same as i feel right now?? huhhhhh... my boss name tan eng seong.. everyone in my department including me afraid of him.. he never scold me.. however, i need to beware of him.. my very first task is to understand FPC ( factury production cert)..i take 2 days to understand what is FPC.. now he want me to start working on all document needed. the big problem in preparing this document is, i dont know yet all about iso9001.. they not even documented this iso.. i have no reference to look.. don't know the format.. and the most important thing is i dont know where to start... so i made decision, tomorrow must ask lawrence all the iso document.. do what ever i know and confident first.. than show to mr tan..huhuhuhuh..huhuhuhu..mintak-mintak sume bejalan lancar..amin...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

funny thingss today..

heheheh...there is also funny thing happen..last week mr tan ask me to discuss with Chan from production about test for painting line.. after we discuss, he decided to make it on 15 of july.all this discussion are done through the end of emel he will write "danke". which i dont know what it's mean. but nevermine lahhh..later can ask . he ask me to confirm it with the supplyer. so i contact their chemical engineer (painting company) to confirm about this matter and also several issue about the paint.. Chan want to know alot more..than this chem engin reply to Chan herself. and the funniest part..she write "dear danke"..ayooooo..than chan reply.."danke" is thankyou in german..kakakkakak...sian nye...xpelahhhh.. lain kali cube lagi ehhh..yang chan pun jahat gak..hehehhe....

missing shah alam badly

huhuhuhu..i am starting to love this place and this job. somehow, i opened a magazine of southern steel group.. in this magezine, there are alot of their picture..achiving thing and also playing..realy miss my life at shah is perfect with my love near me, lovely manager and other staff also very caring. in the morning, one foreclif pakcik gave me kuih. huhuhuhuhu...the environment at southern wire are totally different from here. here all they know is work. but there, relationship between staffs and employees are very important..huhuhu..i also dont like my new boss...huhuhuhu...nak wat cm ne..although i dont like it.. i need to use to it.. i realize. i can learn alots here.. hehehheheheh.. must think positive..hahhahahahah.. learn as many as i can..then i cabot...chaayoookkkkk

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

blogger dah kene blok

wahhh...xpuas ati tgk blog now, i alsoo must start to write in the same time can improve my english new?? lahh...starting from last week..everyday i learnt new thing.. in early, it is very difficult.. but now it going to be easy and easier..kakakkaa...hopefully, one person come from singapore came to our department to do auditing in our biase and staff are busy entertain this person.. i am a new engineer. so just listen and if he need any help, than i help lahh..but i am not helping that much lahh compare to the other. hehehhe..same as the other day..all staff are buzying doing their work until fisnish office hour. each person in my deparment got plenty of work...every day come early in the morning..and going back at 7 or at night. am i going to be like that one day?? maybe...tapi ade OT..nevermine...tapi ciput jelahhh..hehhehe.. owh..another one important thing..forgot to tell..hahahha..i usually write my blog at office..but now..cannot already..they blog already..very stiggy... kedekot nak mati..hehhehe..but nevermine lahh..if i want to write some thing..go to cc sahaje..bwh blok je..very near..k lahh..have to go..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

monday blue

hehehhe..xd lahhh blue sgt pun..ari ni kene membace lagi..huhuhuhu..nak kene lisdown mane yg dah ade mane yg xd utk dptkan cert baru..hmmmmmmmm..cayookkkk...lg 2 minggu nak blik.hhahhahaha..ade appoinment gigi...

Friday, July 2, 2010

tujuan tulis blog

lupe nak ckp..nape tetibe rajin sgt nak tulis blog..sbb page nie lehh bukak pakai internet cn..facebook xlehh bukak..die takut org main x sedar diri kot..a[e dahh..mane lehh menghalang teknologi begerak...kene bagi kesedaran lahh kat tokei compony2 kedekut cm nie...