Tuesday, July 6, 2010

blogger dah kene blok

wahhh...xpuas ati tgk blog aiman..so now, i alsoo must start to write in english..in the same time can improve my english to..wahhahahha..today..what new?? nothing..kakkaka..no lahh...starting from last week..everyday i learnt new thing.. in early, it is very difficult.. but now it going to be easy and easier..kakakkaa...hopefully lahh...today, one person come from singapore came to our department to do auditing in our system..so...cam biase lahh..engineer and staff are busy entertain this person.. i am a new engineer. so just listen and if he need any help, than i help lahh..but i am not helping that much lahh compare to the other. hehehhe..same as the other day..all staff are buzying doing their work until fisnish office hour. each person in my deparment got plenty of work...every day come early in the morning..and going back at 7 or at night. am i going to be like that one day?? maybe...tapi ade OT..nevermine...tapi ciput jelahhh..hehhehe.. owh..another one important thing..forgot to tell..hahahha..i usually write my blog at office..but now..cannot already..they blog already..very stiggy... kedekot nak mati..hehhehe..but nevermine lahh..if i want to write some thing..go to cc sahaje..bwh blok je..very near..k lahh..have to go..

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