Tuesday, July 13, 2010

please teach me slowly

almost two weeks i am working at southern pipe industries located at butterworth penang. somehow, i dont know what i need to do, what is my job specification. is it really hard to start working?? is every one feel the same as i feel right now?? huhhhhh... my boss name tan eng seong.. everyone in my department including me afraid of him.. he never scold me.. however, i need to beware of him.. my very first task is to understand FPC ( factury production cert)..i take 2 days to understand what is FPC.. now he want me to start working on all document needed. the big problem in preparing this document is, i dont know yet all about iso9001.. they not even documented this iso.. i have no reference to look.. don't know the format.. and the most important thing is i dont know where to start... so i made decision, tomorrow must ask lawrence all the iso document.. do what ever i know and confident first.. than show to mr tan..huhuhuhuh..huhuhuhu..mintak-mintak sume bejalan lancar..amin...

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