Thursday, July 8, 2010

funny thingss today..

heheheh...there is also funny thing happen..last week mr tan ask me to discuss with Chan from production about test for painting line.. after we discuss, he decided to make it on 15 of july.all this discussion are done through the end of emel he will write "danke". which i dont know what it's mean. but nevermine lahhh..later can ask . he ask me to confirm it with the supplyer. so i contact their chemical engineer (painting company) to confirm about this matter and also several issue about the paint.. Chan want to know alot more..than this chem engin reply to Chan herself. and the funniest part..she write "dear danke"..ayooooo..than chan reply.."danke" is thankyou in german..kakakkakak...sian nye...xpelahhhh.. lain kali cube lagi ehhh..yang chan pun jahat gak..hehehhe....

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