Thursday, July 8, 2010

missing shah alam badly

huhuhuhu..i am starting to love this place and this job. somehow, i opened a magazine of southern steel group.. in this magezine, there are alot of their picture..achiving thing and also playing..realy miss my life at shah is perfect with my love near me, lovely manager and other staff also very caring. in the morning, one foreclif pakcik gave me kuih. huhuhuhuhu...the environment at southern wire are totally different from here. here all they know is work. but there, relationship between staffs and employees are very important..huhuhu..i also dont like my new boss...huhuhuhu...nak wat cm ne..although i dont like it.. i need to use to it.. i realize. i can learn alots here.. hehehheheheh.. must think positive..hahhahahahah.. learn as many as i can..then i cabot...chaayoookkkkk

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